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Pioneer Thinking

In 1999, we launched Pioneer Thinking, one of the first family oriented, do it yourself information websites. The goal was to present content in a professional, easy to use format that maximized input from the best possible source available - you. Millions of people have since built upon our vision by including personal, professional and practical content. Thousands of forum members debate and discuss topics in a respectful and informative exchange that has built tolerance and friendships. Your input and contributions to our site have been the driving force behind our steady growth in size and scale. Today, Pioneer Thinking has become one of the most popular natural/simple living communities on the internet with a reach of 42% of internet users.
While Pioneer Thinking is fast becoming a global community for information, do it yourself instruction and most importantly friendships. It remains our mission to present professional and practical content to you in an easy to use, family friendly environment. We hold true to our belief that knowledge enpowers people. It provides the tools to grow and excel, to understand and learn and enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. There is so much people all over the world can offer to one other, an abundance of knowledge to share and insight that will enlighten and change your world. We hope that Pioneer Thinking brings all these elements together for you in one place.

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