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Date: 18-08-2003   Hits: 1449
Acqua Panna The Acqua Panna source is located 3,700 feet high in the serene Apennines Mountains of Tuscany. Known for centuries to noblemen, hunters, shepherds and farmers for its remarkable purity and freshness, Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water comes from a pristine source, located on a vast,...

Date: 14-06-2002   Hits: 2215
Bacardi Since 1965 we have been making BACARDI rum at the BACARDI & Company Limited distillery on New Providence. We are proud to say that our BACARDI rum is the only rum produced locally in the Bahamas and that it was the first major product to be exported from the Bahamas. At our New...

Date: 11-08-2002   Hits: 2489
Base Concept Base Concept is a company that specializes in the conceptual development, creation and marketing of energy drinks, waters and functional foods under the Base brand. As a true inventor of flexible product concepts that cater to the varyingtastes and regulations of countries around...

Date: 10-12-2004   Hits: 1511
Bombay Sapphire Bombay Sapphire - Most gins take their flavour from four or five botanicals. In contrast Bombay Sapphire uses no less than ten, achieving an altogether more balanced and refined taste. Furthermore, the distilling process is unique. All other gins boil up the botanicals with the...

Date: 16-11-2003   Hits: 1601
BootZ BootZ - 22 likeuren en spirits.Bekijk de 88 mixen, feesttips van een specialist en de mix die bij je gevoel past.

Date: 22-04-2010   Hits: 1338
Casa Barista Espresso Casa Barista levert Italiaans design espressomachines & Barista tools voor échte koffieliefhebbers. Want waarom zou je in privésfeer niet genieten van caffè zoals je die in de beste bars drinkt? Casa Barista is gespecialiseerd in espressomachines van horecakwaliteit voor thuis of...

Date: 28-01-2002   Hits: 1977
Chambord The bottling of this liqueur has to be one of the most attractive I have seen, but the shape of the bottle does make it a little difficult to pour. The bottle is clear glass, but round in shape. There is gold plastic around the outside of the bottle with the Chambord name inserted....

Date: 27-09-2005   Hits: 1291
Champagne Pommery Pommery has always been avant-garde, but moderness would mean nothing without tradition. Tradition and savoir-faire, the art of blending just the right mixture of crus to create a champagne that is luminous, light, tender and lively. Such is the legacy handed down by Madame Pommery...

Date: 07-07-2006   Hits: 1428
Dom Pérignon Dom Pérignon, mythic nectar, favourite of Christian Dior, Andy Warhol and Marylin Monroe, takes a very particular place for 1855. Every year, Dom Pérignon is placed among the three Champagne best sellers at 1855! Magic flavours of fresh almond and grapefruit, cashew nuts and...

Date: 25-05-2003   Hits: 1985
Evian Evian is Mecca for the bottled water aficionado. It captures the essence of pristine bottled water sources and combines it with state-of-the-art bottling techniques. The magnificent French and Swiss Alps converge around the Mont Blanc, which towers above the lake side town of...

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