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Date: 27-02-2011   Hits: 12927
Paul & Joe Sophie Albou found French Fashion rather dull for her taste, something had to change. In 1995 she started Paul & Joe (named after her sons Paul and Joe) for men and in 1996 she started a line for women. After this its popularity began to rise and Paul & Joe became a great international...

Date: 21-07-2001   Hits: 12788
Armani Jeans Armani Jeans is a bridge-line collection of denim-related clothing created in 1981 by Giorgio Armani. Armani Jeans is mainly sold in department stores, although there are 15 freestanding Armani Jeans stores in the world, in addition to an Armani Jeans Cafe in Milan. Some Armani...

Date: 22-07-2001   Hits: 12582
Barbara of Paris Barbara of Paris | Bras and Lingerie. Barbara breast specialists will give you all kinds of advice to keep your breast beautiful. One of France's leading lingerie labels.

Date: 03-02-2002   Hits: 12576
B.young B-Young | Clothes for the cheerful and attractive woman. She knows what she wants and values fashionable, quality clothing. b.young is a line that is constantly developing, where customers are provided with fashion and quality at competitive prices. The line is a total concept,...

Date: 28-07-2003   Hits: 12479
Amsale Amsale's elegant designs have made her the number one couture wedding gown designer in the United States, and won her the reputation as the creator of the modern wedding dress. Though most recognized for her exquisite bridal wear, Amsale has also gained a strong celebrity following...

Date: 20-11-2001   Hits: 12230
Hallhuber Hallhuber for young and young minded people. Hallhuber dresses men and women in toned-down elegance and at good value for the quality. Hallhuber has a branch farther down the road on Marienplatz.

Date: 24-03-2007   Hits: 12229
Perfectly Basics Perfectly Basics | Wat je ook aantrekt, de beste basis leg je met Perfectly Basis. De beste garderobe begint bij de juiste basics! Daarom hebben we met Perfectly Basics een collectie samengesteld die in geen enkele kledingkast mag ontbreken. Met onmisbare en tegelijkertijd trendy...

Date: 06-08-2001   Hits: 12172
Mango At Mango, our activity goes beyond the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing garments and accessories for women: “It is the creation of a concept." The Mango concept arises from the interrelation between a quality product with a distinctive design and a coherent and unified...

Date: 31-08-2003   Hits: 12168
Junge Junge | For more than 60 years, Junge A/S has designed and produced quality coats and jackets for women of all ages. Junge A/S was founded in 1946, and in 1963, it was one of the first clothing manufacturers to start its own production in Asia. Thus, Junge possesses unique know-how...

Date: 15-09-2003   Hits: 12116
Shady Ltd. Shady Ltd. | Eminem's official clothing range Shady Ltd is about the best in trend & design and quality. Its created by a talented team of fashion designers to make sure every Shady Ltd fashion piece is worth buying. There is a lot of special and unique fashions on this site. Shady...

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