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Ines Gloves

Ines Gloves - "Les Gants d’Ines-Ines’Gloves" strives for perfection based on Ines’ desires for what the glove must look like: Fashionable leather gloves of outstanding quality and design, in various designs, colors and lengths. This proves challenging , however, when also wanting to offer the gloves at a reasonable price. Combining functional glove requirements with fashionable traits simply requires more effort. As a result, leather gloves are quite expensive, which often means that only one pair can be afforded. By maximizing creativity and minimizing overhead costs, "Les Gants d’Ines-Ines’Gloves" can offer exclusive high-quality leather gloves for a much more affordable price, allowing you to collect in multiples, adjusting the gloves to your emotions and/or outfit. The quality of lamb skin leather is directly proportional to its age, just like a fine wine. This also means that the better the quality of the leather, the more this effect will occur over time. Quality is something is strived for by “Les Gants d’Ines-Ines’Gloves”. Because the leather is a natural product it is able to harmonize and, therefore, adjust to its environment and surroundings. This creates the following attributes: • Durable material (resistant to tears and punctures) with a certain degree of natural elasticity. • A comfortable, light, soft feel • Liquid repellant and stain resistant • Fire/heat resistant • A “breathing” material with insulating properties • Being one of the softest of leathers, lamb leather has a slightly oily feel to it. The “Les Gants d’Ines-Ines’Gloves” are all made of full-grain, purely natural lamb skin of the highest quality.
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