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Date: 24-02-2005   Hits: 1539
Butnzup Butnzup - Buttons van Butnzup zijn origineel, handgemaakt en uniek. Ook maken we ze op aanvraag, bijvoorbeeld met uw eigen logo.

Date: 28-04-2005   Hits: 1424
Capsters Capsters is a range of head-accessoiries that can be used for different purposes. It can be worn for different sports activities but it can also protect you against the wind or cold weather during outdoor activities. The concept is based on the idea to give Muslim girls and their...

Date: 17-11-2002   Hits: 2413
Caroline Burns Caroline Burns is a luxurious British brand specialising in natural skins to create fashion accessories. Her accessories collections( scarves, bags & Hats) recaptures the past and offers eternal style and quality beyond the horizon of present trends. Caroline Burns is a luxury...

Date: 22-05-2006   Hits: 1501
Ceysar Ceysar :: Hand made only | We produce knitting hand made only. Shalw, foulard and hat.

Date: 22-02-2007   Hits: 1288
Christina Wemming Christina Wemming started out as dressmaker and since establishing her own studio in the year 2000 her commissions has included both custom tailoring for private persons as well as commissions for companies such as advertising agencies, interior decorators, film and theatre...

Date: 22-05-2002   Hits: 2224
Claudio Orciani Claudio Orciani - We manage to give each product its own style and personality by selecting materials and by setting up details in a very scrupulous and accurate way. The knowledge of the pictorial, sculptural worlds and the study of the techniques relating to engraving and printing...

Date: 22-10-2004   Hits: 1761
Codello Codello | Unique and essential. The realization of the latest fashion by combining finest materials, up-to-date colours and extravagant patterns is unique. The client is essentail - that is why our most important task is to provide competence in service and quality. Codello makes...

Date: 13-08-2004   Hits: 1750
Colette Malouf Colette Malouf - Colette Malouf's signature look is clean and modern with an artistic approach that makes her designs timeless. Colette uses only the very finest of materials and is a true perfectionist, ensuring that every collection is flawlessly executed. Raised in Noho, Colette...

Date: 06-06-2006   Hits: 2315
Colours & Beauty Colours & Beauty is een groeiende winkelketen op het gebied van mode-accessoires en make-up. Op dit moment zijn er 11 winkels binnen Nederland en we voorzien voor dit jaar een groei tot 16 winkels. Tot 2010 verwachten uit te kunnen groeien tot een winkelketen met 40-50 winkels,...

Date: 07-05-2006   Hits: 2182
CosmoQueen The CosmoQueen Foundation is a non-profit, a-political, Non Governamental Organization (NGO) according to Dutch law. Our Board consists of European women and professionals in our own fields: Work & Health Psychology, Fashion Design & Production, Interior Styling and Business...

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